New Developers Group

New Developers Group If you’re a developer, or interested in becoming one, you’d probably find that this new MSN group hits your favourites menu soon. Neil Cowburn of OpenNetCF fame, is already a blogger on and you can read more about his thoughts here. He introduces the new Developers group in this post.

The group is described as..

“….for UK Developers using the Microsoft Windows Mobile & Embedded paltforms….the group is independently run (in our own spare time) and has no affiliation with Microsoft. We envisage that the new group will cover a wider spectrum of devices and technologies (MS & non MS). This will include Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone, Tablet and Embedded devices, but concentrating on the key area of Developing Mobile & Embedded Applications.

What we will aim to present to the members of this groups will be presentations from various Enterprise hardware and software vendors, as well as celluar providers, that are key in this area as well as exciting presentations for Developers.”

Click here to visit this new MSN group