HTC Universal Reviews

HTC Universal Reviews Everybody is talking about the new 3G handset from HTC at the moment. Whether you call it an o2 XDA Exec, SPV M5000, T-Mobile MDA Pro or one of it’s many other names, it’s certainly taking the mobile world by storm. InfoSync have just done a review of the T-Mobile MDA variant here and MSMobiles have a video of it doing a 3G video call.

Infosync give the handset 89% and conclude that..

“Concealed beneath its modestly attractive exterior, the T-Mobile MDA Pro harbours an impressive mix of unparallelled connectivity options, raw power and an excellent thumbboard. A high-quality display further enhances a positive impression, as do several software upgrades and visual makeovers in Windows Mobile 5.0 – although several areas remain unpolished. Look past these minor obstacles, however, and the MDA Pro comes resoundingly approved as the most capable communicator we’ve seen to date.”

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