Motorola ROKR

Motorola ROKR Just read the story on the new Motorola iTunes phone over at Keni’s Blog. Keni has an excellent blog and it’s well worth a read, so take a click or two when you’ve got time. He raises some very good points..

“Why is that Microsoft can release an operating system that has not only Windows Media Player, (thats music and video!) but an email client and an Instant Messenger application on it, back in 2002 and yet every gets in a spin over this Rokr rubbish in 2005!!!

Nothing better explains what the issue is than a conversation I have had with a good friend of mine about a new mobile phone.

Friend: “Hey Keni, I’m looking to get a new phone. What one would you recommend?”

Keni: “You should seriously look at the SPV C550”

Friend: “SPV? Isn’t that the geeks phone?”

Doah! Yes – and that’s why I run this site, to try and bring the Microsoft Smartphone OUT of the “geekdom” world. The only good thing about this Motorola iTunes thing is that it’s been pretty much universally panned as “not worth bothering” by the worlds press.

What do I think of the Motorola ROKR iTunes Phone ? Well, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Link – Keni’s Blog

UPDATE – Blimey, talk about marketing! Check out the highly expensive advert here, featuring Madonna, Little Richard (I like to call him Tiny Dick), The Bravery, Iggy Pop, Biggie Smalls, Ahmir, Common and Beethoven!

Motorola ROKR