o2 XDA Exec in Stuff Magazine

o2 XDA Exec in Stuff Magazine Check out the new o2 XDA Exec in this months edition of Stuff Magazine (UK) where it gets rave reviews. Such a shame o2 aren’t promoting it much.. ermm.. at all .. on their website… 🙁 Come on o2.. get in touch! Tell us of your plans!

Stuff Magazine is full of gadgets and blokes stuff and available now. Unfortunately I left the magazine at home today, so I can’t quote the actual article, but I’m sure it said something like..

“The o2 XDA Exec is brill, it’s coming in October and it’s ruddy fantastic. Visit CoolSmartPhone.com too, they’re great.”


Link – Stuff Magazine

UPDATE – CoolSmartPhone member “Cydex” has just called o2 and they gave a confirmed launch date of the 3rd October. Woo!