Orange SPV C600 – Maybe it isn’t such a mystery!

Orange SPV C600   Maybe it isnt such a mystery! Aye up, here we go again. Yet more news on the Orange SPV C600. We covered this on July 24th when had a grainy photocopy of the handset. Now however we have a full colour graphic. The phone itself looks like a mix of the previous C500 and C550 handsets. I was previously unsure as to whether this was “real” or not, but with the cavalcade of Windows Mobile handsets currently appearing, I’m prepared to start believing !

A rough translation of the story, available here in French states..

“The secrets of the SPV c600 are yet again not-so-secret. It’s with pleasure that Smartphone France presents first to you a true photograph of SPV c600!!!

The handset should be available in just a few weeks with the following specifications…

– Dimensions 108x46x19mm
– Weight: 105 grams

– 4 hour talk-time, 7 day stand-by

– Screen 320×240 with 65536 colours

– Camera 1.3 Méga Pixels

– Mobile Windows 5.0

– Compatibility GPRS and EDGE”

Wait up.. another Smartphone from Orange, but this time with Windows Mobile 5.0 and a megapixel camera? Could this be ?! Let us know if you know more!

Source and picture from this Smartphone France story

English machine translation available here.