Exclusive: o2 XDA Exec launching this month

Exclusive: o2 XDA Exec launching this month Here it is people, the o2 Xda Exec. Available this month on o2. It’s the “latest and most advanced evolution of the Xda family” and it’s.. yes, the HTC Universal again. We can now add this to the increasing list of brand-names – T-Mobile MDA Pro, Orange SPV M5000 and the iMate JASJAR.

This handset has appeared in the August/September o2 guide from o2. The same brochure shows the new o2 Xphone II aswell, which we mentioned exclusively yesterday

Exclusive: o2 XDA Exec launching this month

For the full leaflet, click here. This is yet more fantastic news for Windows Mobile and customers everywhere! It’s worth noting that a lot of networks are now saying “September” for their version of this handset, however we’re more likely to see it appear later in the month, possibly toward October.

UPDATE – The o2 XDA Exec is previewed this month (Issue 135) in “Total Mobile” magazine here in the UK. It gets a very, very big thumbs up indeed.

Credit – Neil Deadman

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