Technical details of HTC Universal (M5000 / MDA Pro)

Technical details of HTC Universal (M5000 / MDA Pro) Full specs of the HTC Universal (SPV M5000 / T-Mobile MDA Pro / i-Mate JASJAR) are now available. They can be found below (click “Read more” if you need), or you can check them out at the source here at Club iMate

It’s a sure sign that this will be on sale very very soon indeed!

Thanks to Harry for the tip.

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• Data-centric wireless PDA with full voice capability andclamshell form factor with 180-degree pivot screen.
• Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition
• Dimension (Typical): 81mm x 127.7mm x 25mm
• Weight (Typical): 285g with battery

• Intel Bulverde 520MHz

• Flash ROM: 128 MB

LCD Module
• 3.6” 640×480 transflectiveTFT-LCDwithback-lightLEDs
• 65K-color
• Sensitive Touch Screen
• Support portrait/landscape (touch screen input) and landscape (QWERTY keyboard input) modes

Dual Mode GSM/WCDMA Function
• Internal antenna
• Dual-Mode UMTS/GSM
• Tri-Band GSM/GPRS (900/1800/1900) + WCDMA(UMTS) (2100MHz)
• Audio codec: AMR, EFR, FR, HR
• SMS (MO, MT), concatenated SMS (640 Characters)
• Supplementary Services Call holding/ waiting/ forwarding CLI (Calling Line Identity) Display own number Multi-party conference call Phase 2+ unstructured supplementary service data
• Network Lock
• Network selection
• Cell broadcast
• Network Lock
• GPRS Functionality GPRS class B Multi-slot standard class 10 PBCCH MO/MT SMS over GPRS
• USIM 3V of UICC USIM Application Toolkit SIM Application Toolkit Release 99 Over the air programming
• Lock Type Mechanism
• Built-in 62 keys QWERTY Keyboard (including two softkeys, one start button, one OK button, one send callkey, one end call key, and 56 alphanumeric and symbol keys)
• One POWER button
• One Backlight button
• One Camera shutter
• Volume control (up and down)
• One 5-way Navigation button – key orientation shall be adjusted after view changed.
• Two phone buttons (hinge): SEND & END
• RESET switch
• 1st lenses – bi-color (green and red) LED for networkstandby, network message, network status,notification,and charging status
• 2nd lenses – bi-color (green and blue) LED for WiFi andbluetooth notification
• NotificationbySound,Vibration,and Message on the display
• Dual Receivers
• Dual speakers for Hands-Free supported
• Built-in Microphone
• Full duplex
• Audio sampling rate 16-bits with 8KHz, 11KHz, 22KHz, 44.1KHz
• Main Image Sensor: 1.3 Mega Pixels CMOS
• Second Image Sensor: CIF CMOS
• Operating above 5 Lux
• Flash/Video Light
• Portrait mode default (Full screen preview)     
• 3V USIM card
• One mini-USB connector
• SDIO/MMC card slot
• 3.5 Ø stereo earphone/microphone jack
• 2 External antenna connectors (WCDMA and GSM/GPRS)
• Battery
 Removable rechargeable Lithium   Polymer battery (Typical capacity:   1620mAh)
 Battery life
 Standby time
   -GSM: 220~260 hours
   -WCDMA 190~250 hours
 Talk time (Screen off):
   -GSM: 5~8 hours
   -WCDMA: 2~4 hours
• AC Adapter
  -AC input: 100~240Vac, 50/60Hz
  -AC input current: 0.2Aac (max).
  -Output voltage: 5Vdc (typical)
  -Output current: 1A (typical)
• USB charging
• Ambient light sensor detecting ambient light forkeyboard to save power.
Device-to-Device Connectivity
• Infrared IrDA FIR
• Bluetooth Compliant with v1.1 Class 2 transmit power
• WiFi 802.11b (manufacture option) IEEE 802.11b compliant WLAN Antenna: internal 11, 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbps per channel, auto fallback forextended range Encryption: 64-, 128- bit WEP standard data encryption
• USB 1.1


• Standard
-AC adapter
-USB Sync. Cable
-Stereo wired headset – stereo earpiece, monomicrophone, Volume Control, and pick up/drop calls
-Standard Battery
-User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Software CD
Windows Mobile 5.0 Applications
• Microsoft Pocket Outlook: Inbox, Contacts, Calendar,Tasks
• Microsoft Windows Media Player
• Microsoft Pictures
• Microsoft MSN Messenger
• Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
• Pocket Office
• Microsoft ActiveSync
• Games
• Calculator
• Voice Notes
• Photo Contact ID
Value Added Applications
• Ring tone SW polyphonic MIDI ring tones SMF/ SP MIDI MP3, AAC, ring tone
• DirectShow Filter for WMP
• Camera / Camcorder
• Video Telephony
• Smart Dialing
• Pictures Enhancement
• T9 Phone Pad
• Wireless Modem
• Wireless data manager (UMTS/GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth,802.11b)
• MMS with video clip support
• DRM: OMA 1.0 engine
• Java virtual machine (J2ME, CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0,JTWI)
• PDF Viewer
• WiFi Certification
• BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Body) certification
• Microsoft Pocket PC 2004 Logo (NSTL)
• USB certification
• 0.172 mW/g @10g