Midtown Madness 3 Reviewed

Midtown Madness 3 Reviewed Following our earlier story, there’s a great review by AWarner of Midtown Madness 3 over here at MoDaCo.com. He says of the game..

“Initially I found the controls took time to get used to, but with a bit of practise the basic movement with the controller was easy to use as long as you remember to brake once in a while ! For those that prefer using the keypad there are more options available to you rather than a basic left right and brake\go back. I was pleasantly surprised that there are options in the game to change the graphical layout of the amount of cars and trees on the road. Presumably for slower devices you can also turn the details of the cars off and reduce the resolution by half. I had no problem on my C500 with the game running and all options turned on.”

The review is well worth a read before you buy as unfortunately there’s no trial version of this game.

Buy Midtown Madness 3 here for £8.36 ($14.95 | €12.24)

Get the review here at MoDaCo.com.