Exclusive: o2 XPhone II in the UK

Exclusive: o2 XPhone II in the UK Neil Deadman has emailed in to say…

“I went into my local O2 shop the other day, and picked up a brochure. To my amazement, there was a listing for the O2 Xphone II with contract for free!!”

“I’ve heard no mention of this on any site!”

It’s true. In fact, I called a few o2 shops and they were a bit confused about the “X” range.. “We do an X1b or an XM?” .. it seems that they’ve not heard of it. However, we’re on a mission to get a scan of this brochure, because it looks like the o2 Xphone II may be here in the UK. Let us know if you’ve seen one in your local o2 shop!

UPDATE – Click here for news on the other xPhones.

UPDATE 2 – Click here for a scan of the brochure and more info on another new handset!
Credit – Neil Deadman