Midtown Madness 3 – Super-smooth driving action!

Midtown Madness 3   Super smooth driving action! This is flippin marvellous. I’ve even played it on the toilet this morning. Super-slick 3D game Midtown Madness 3 is now available from our shop here and has a natty auto-accelerate option so you don’t need to hold down the joystick on your Smartphone all the time. Plus this is a very, very slick 3D game with excellent speedy rendering.

There’s three modes of play. Career, where you’re an ambulance driver or a delivery person doing tasks against the clock. Then there’s Checkpoints, where you race against 4 other vehicles through checkpoints in a specific order. Lastly there’s Blitz where players race against 4 computer-controlled vehicles through checkpoints that can be passed in any order.

Oh, and also works with the C550, so what you waiting for?

Get Midtown Madness 3 here for £8.36 ($14.95 | €12.24)