T-Mobile USA to launch the HTC Tornado in October

T Mobile USA to launch the HTC Tornado in October Engadget.com reckon that the Qtek 8310 we saw earlier at Pocket PC Club will be out in the USA on T-Mobile in October.

This Engadget story states..

“(The HTC Tornado) is going to be the first (and possibly only) US carrier to get its hands on the HTC Tornado (aka the Qtek 8310), that new Windows Mobile-powered Smartphone that comes with built-in WiFi and a QVGA display. Better yet, they’re aiming for a $200 price point (with a one year contract, natch) and probably won’t be crippling Bluetooth on the phone. Not sure what it’ll be called when it turns up on T-Mobile (it definitely won’t be called the Qtek 8310 or the HTC Tornado), but we did have a chance to play around with this phone for a few minutes yesterday. All we gotta say (for now) is that the QVGA display is totally slick.”

Yet more good news. This is what we’ve been waiting for – more Windows Mobile handset on more networks in more countries!

Source – Engadget.com

Picture – Pocket PC Club