Samsung i300 coming to o2 UK in October – Confirmed

Samsung i300 coming to o2 UK in October   Confirmed The have just put a story on line entitled “3Gb Windows Smartphone Spotted”. The article rattles on about “a party given by O2 (UK network) … (we) stumbled across an impressive new Samsung Windows smartphone. It’s either called the i300 or the 300i”

Umm.. yes, we know about the i300 – the new Windows Mobile handset from Samsung with the 3Gb HD on-board.. We kinda knew about it ages ago. The big news however is that yes, UK network o2 are about to release this. In fact, here it is on their site! If you can’t see the link, click here to go to the o2 website, then click “Mobile Phones” from the left menu, then “Coming Soon Phones” and you’ll see it there. Coming in October on o2 UK! Get saving o2 people!

Also, we’re hearing that the XDA Exec will be launched shortly too! Keep it locked people.

EDIT – If you want to know all about this handset, check out this review from Let’s hope that they’ve fixed the battery-life problem mentioned in this review!

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