We want more photos!

We want more photos! I’ve just been checking out your photos that have been sent in. It’s easy to take part. Every time you see something interesting, just take a snap of it on your phone, then attach it to an email either by copying to your PC or direct with Email on your phone.

Send the photo as an attachment to cool.smart @ buzznet.com. It’ll then appear in the gallery pretty much straight away. Don’t forget to include a subject and body on your email message because this will appear as the text for your blog post.

We’ve already received some very interesting ones, like this lifeboat, a New York street and someone with spikey hair. But we want more ! We want more of your photos! Have you taken one recently and it’s sitting on your phones’ memory card? Come on, attach it to an email now and show us! Oh, and don’t forget that you can win stuff by sending them into Astraware too!

Click here to see the photos sent in so far!

Update – Wow! The response has been fantastic so far with lots of excellent photos! Keep sending them in! Don’t forget, if you want your own online album (say you’re going on holiday and want to show your friends straight away) you can use Buzznet.com or AtomicLava and others. If you’re stuck, just click here for a how-to!