ALL-backup 1.3 Save 30%!

ALL backup 1.3 Save 30%! ALL-backup 1.3 by Ordina ALL-locations is now available here for just $13.95! That’s about £7.75 – that’s a saving of 30%!

A Smartphone can crash in such a way, that you need to hard reset it. The Smartphone goes back to ‘factory settings’, which means that you lose everything you installed on your Smartphone!

To prevent the loss of data in this situation you can use ALL-backup to make a backup copy of all files on your Smartphone and restore this copy at a later time for data recovery. Not only will ALL-backup recover lost files in this way, it will also configure your Smartphone again. It will restore your GPRS settings, owner information and even your home screen layout. After a restore you can use almost all installed applications again instantly!

Wanna try what safety is? You can! Download the free 30-day trial and test ALL-backup for 30 days.

Note: Restore functionality is only available in the full version of ALL-backup.

Please note that this software might not work correctly with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition smartphones. For example the Motorola MPx220 and SPV C500. This problem will be fixed in the next release of ALL-backup.

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