TomTom Mobile 5 Review

TomTom Mobile 5 Review I’ve finally put my TomTom Mobile 5 (for Smartphone) review online today. I’ve taken a while to do it mainly because I was waiting for it to be fully available. Since May 19th the TomTom Mobile 5 kit has only been available directly from the website with other online retailers and shops stating “not yet available” or “pre-order now”. Well, I waited.. and waited.. and waited… To make matters worse, TomTom put a message on their site saying, “Please allow a minimum of 5 weeks for delivery”, which turned people away in droves.

So, I can wait no longer – it’s nearly September and people are still having trouble buying this product. I’ve put my review online here. It’s an “update” review telling you what’s changed and been updated. The full bells-and-whistles original review still available here.

Link – TomTom Mobile 5 (for Windows Smartphone) Review