Podcast 11 now online and….

Podcast 11 now online and.... I’ve added podcast number 11 on tonight. Yes, that’s right – just a few short hours after number 10! Number 11 is basically a “question and answer” session, responding to all the voicemails you’ve left me on Skype. To be honest a lot of the messages were a bit strange – heavy breathing etc. However, I’ve narrowed it down and put the best (so I think) questions online here!

I’m also now using the new “iTunes” compatible XML feed, which – whilst pleasing the iTunes community – will probably upset everyone else, as the inclusion of the iTunes tags seems to upset some RSS / XML readers. I may put the “old” Podcast XML feed online alongside the iTunes one tomorrow to get around this.

Check out Podcast number 11 here – oh, and do let me know if you’re having problems with the XML feed!

Picture right entitled…

“Because she deserves it…if she thinks face cream containing chemicals with silly made up names will actually work!”

… by SarahBear (B3ta.com)