The Core Pocket Media Player

The Core Pocket Media Player OK, remember BetaPlayer? It’s a brilliant video viewer for watching DivX, XviD, MPEG4, MPEG1, M-JPEG and WMV formats on your phone (if you didn’t understand all that, don’t worry – basically it lets you view pretty much any video file). Using various programs (such as PocketDivXEncoder or VirtualDub) you can encode big movies down and watch them on your phone whenever you feel.

Now Betaplayer isn’t called Betaplayer any more – it’s now known as “The Core Pocket Media Player” or TCPMP for short. As I’ve got a lot of MPEG movies on my Storage Card I downloaded TCPMP to view them. Only one problem – version 0.66 doesn’t seem to work too well on the C550, so I did a bit of mooching about and found that, after uninstalling older versions, the new test version located here does the trick. I can now view movies in super-quick wide-screen QVGA quality. Woo!

If you’re after a damned good movie player, check out The Core Pocket Media Player here, which works with all Smartphones. Don’t forget to grab the right installer – the tcpmp.smartphone.[version].exe is the desktop installer, so that’s probably best. Don’t forget that it’s free !!!

Link – The Core Pocket Media Player

Link – The Core Pocket Media Player (for C550)