Two new handsets from Qtek

Two new handsets from Qtek The Qtek 8310 and 8300 have been announced by Qtek today. It looks like they’re set to run Windows Mobile 5.0 (SmartPhone) with a 320×240 pixel screen (ala the C550), 1.3 Megapixel camera and (wait for it !) built-in Wi-Fi !

The Qtek 8300 looks very much like the SPV C550 style-wise (although it’s the 8200 which is the identical model), whilst the QTek 8310 is darker in appearance. I can’t really understand much sense of the webpages for these phones as they’re all written in Finnish.

Yet more good news for the Windows Mobile platform.

Links – Qtek 8300Qtek 8310
Credit – Ralph Hoogerhuis

UPDATE – Full photo preview can be found here at This is the Qtek 8310, or HTC Tornado. Hopefully we’ll see the HTC Tornado in some form on networks around the world soon!