Finally ! My Orange SPV C550 Review

Finally ! My Orange SPV C550 Review There’s a couple of pictures I need to add yet, but the bulk of it is now done. The Orange SPV C550 review is now online here. Despite the rumours, this is a really good handset. The gaming issue (where games show in a small window because they were coded for one specific screen size only) is something for the programmers of those games to work on. We’re going to see a lot more handsets with a lot more screen resolutions soon – the Motorola Q, with a wide-screen layout – is just one example.

Check the full review (which took me about 2 weeks to write!) here.

The TomTom Mobile 5 review is next! Apologies to those who are waiting on replies to emails, I’ve been busy writing these reviews.

Photo right shows the Orange SPV C500 S and the Orange SPV C550.

Link – Orange SPV C550 Review