First homescreens appear especially for the SPV C550

First homescreens appear especially for the SPV C550 The C550 review is almost there now (I just love to keep you guys on the edge of your seats), but for those of you who already own an SPV C550 one you may be feeling a little left out. Why ? Well, most homescreens / skins were designed for the 176×220 screen found on most Smartphones and they just don’t look right on the new higher resolution screen.

But wait – here comes kl1wdr to the rescue!! He’s the master craftsman when it comes to homescreens in my book and he’s put some of the first ever C550 skins on the internet.

This one is now on my C550 (hello laydies!) – you can see from this screenshot the size difference. If you’re thinking about doing a backdrop or skin for this phone then it’s worth remembering that the new size should be set to 240×300 as there’s 20 pixels lost on the menu bar. I’ve now added some new download sections for C550 backdrops and C550 skins / homescreens, so upload at will! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, don’t try one of these C550 screens on a C500 / AudioVox SMT5600 / E200 etc as it’ll mess up big style. There’s plenty of homescreens at for all makes of Smartphone, so check it out.

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