Reviews, Previews and Astraware Amazes!

Reviews, Previews and Astraware Amazes! I’m still busy writing reviews. The TomTom 5 review is coming along well – it’s a shame it won’t run on the C550 though. Ah – talking about the C550, that review is next. It’s a shame that the screen can’t switch down to the lower resolution to show stuff in full-screen mode. Surely there must be a way of switching ? Come on, where’s that “Settings->Screen Resolution” option when you need it eh ? 🙂

Also I’ve added a quick review of the SanDisk Ultra II 2Gb SD card for those of you with an SD card slot. Whilst doing all these reviews I’ve been busy blogging away, and there’s now an interesting like-for-like picture showing the quality difference of the megapixel camera. This time I’ve taken a shot with the C500 on its maximum resolution – 640×480, then the same photo was taken with the C550 on the same resolution once again – 640×480. The results are in this blog post here.

I’ve also been previewing some games from the guys at including Super Slyder, which is an unbelievably addictive game that’ll get you hooked within seconds. By the way, this screenshot is from the C550 – it automatically scales the screen up to the correct size and makes the most of the higher resolution. I’ve also seen a game called “Ultimate Bowling Fighter” which just rocks. Now, I know what you’re all saying here… “Agh! Why can’t I play with all the latest games ?” Well, you can – in fact people who sign up for information on the game now will be offered a discount at release. Check out the Astraware Preview Page here, plus if you’re interested in becoming a Smartphone Beta Tester then Astraware would love to hear from you. Just check this page out for info.

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