Slow site?!

Slow site?! Yes yes, I know – has been offline a bit this afternoon (July 27th – 13.00-17.00 BST). It was all due to very hungry rabbits chewing through some cables and disrupting the backhaul hardrive CPU floating bit memory wobble-board unit. It’s fixed.. I think … although whether it’s totally fixed remains to be seen. I’ve had to make a few changes, and at one point I booted off everyone who was browsing .. sorry about that.

The server is very busy at the minute, and at peak times it’s started to wobble like a jelly. Don’t worry though, I’m in control. Sure, I’ve had a few beers, sure, I tend to make fairly major changes without thinking them through fully, but hey! It’ll alllllllll be fine. 🙂

Picture right from by WebNoodle