Orange SPV M5000 – Exclusive pictures

Orange SPV M5000   Exclusive pictures We’ve already seen the HTC Universal badged up by Vodafone and by T-Mobile as the MDA IV, but we haven’t really seen proper shots of the Orange variant – the M5000.

Sure, we’ve seen one on a projector here at TechEd, but how about some shots of the device in action, all badged up and ready to go ? How about that ? Well, luckily I met someone in a dark alley (I tend to hang around a lot in dark alleys) who gave me some shots of the device in exchange for a copy of FHM. Well, after doing the trade and tricking him with a copy of “Readers Digest”, I ran like hell. đŸ™‚

Here below (click “read more” if you need to) are pictures of the Orange SPV M5000. They’re not super-close-up shots by any means, but hey. No release date as yet, but this 3G Pocket-PC Phone with proper QWERTY-keyboard looks set to take off in a big way…

Don’t forget that you can now buy the Orange SPV C550 here and the Orange SPV M500 here.