Samsung M600 ?

Samsung M600 ? Apparently reckon that this is the new Samsung M600. Is it? It looks a lot like the Samsung SGH-i750 to us. Have they changed the name ?

UberGizmo say that the “M600” is designed to…

“…challenge Korea’s first Microsoft based smartphone in Korea, Pantech’s PH-S8000T, it is claimed to be more advanced than the PH-S8000T; with its stereo Bluetooth function being the tip of the iceberg.”

I hope that this thing isn’t called the M600, as I already have enough problems remembering the M500, C500, C550, M5000, M2000 etc names of the Orange SPV range! 🙂

Personally I think they’ve got the name wrong and it’s still called the SGH-i750, which is slated to arrive later this year in the USA

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