A solution to a night-time problem :)

A solution to a night time problem :) Way back in the day I used to have a Nokia (yes, I know – I was young and inexperienced, I only have myself to blame) which was absolute pap in comparison to the C500 I have today. However, it did used to be able to turn itself on and sound the alarm every morning. The good thing about this was that night-time phone calls never woke me – only the alarm did.

So, after getting some strange late-night phone calls from some inconsiderate auto-dialler somewhere in the world, I set about making sure that my C500 went quiet during the night and only made a noise when it was time to wake up. I wanted to avoid having to switch to “Silent” profile and then back to “Normal” every morning, so I came up with this solution.

I guess there’s probably a simpler way, but whilst I don’t want to get woken up in the dead of night by sales calls, I also don’t want to block withheld numbers.

Have a read of my, “How to get a good nights sleep, but get woken up bang on time” article here. If nothing else, it’s certainly an interesting way of using the calendar I guess 🙂

Update – A lot of people have been emailing me in about AutoFlight, which does something similar and may help you out. Check it out.

Update 2 – Ah yes, John Cody’s Alerts would also help solve this problem. It includes a feature called “Force Sound”, which will play an alarm sound even if your phone is in silient mode. Check it out here.