Orange SPV M500 Review

Orange SPV M500 Review If you want a Pocket PC phone without the size then the new Orange SPV M500 is well worth a look. The Register have posted a review of the handset here, and they’ve given it an absolutely glowing 95% verdict stating..

“The M500 – and the Spy, if you’re down under – is a great PDA phone. It’s a device that perfectly shrinks the classic PDA tablet form-factor to a size that allows it to feel comfortable as a mobile phone. I still believe Magician is the best keyboard-free PocketPC phone available…”

“The M500 is only cosmetically better than older Magicians, like the i-Mate Jam, the O2 XDA Mini and the T-Mobile MDA Compact, but better it is. This is a much more attractive handset than its predecessors.”

“Orange customers looking for a more data-centric upgrade need look no further, and the other versions remain for folks after a SIM-free purchase or a version for other networks. If you’re happy to switch carriers, the M500 is the best of the bunch.”

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