Pantech PH-S8000T debuts in Korea

Pantech PH S8000T debuts in Korea Pantech have launched their PH-S8000T handset in Korea today. Running an Intel Bulverde 400Mhz the handset, which has an innovative tilt and twist screen, comes with a mega-pixel camera and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

Sung-Kyu Lee, President & CEO, Pantech said: “The world class functionality in the PH-S8000T means that users will be able to access a vast range of applications, which will significantly add to their professional and personal lives. Effectively, having the PH-S8000T will be just like having a computer in your hand”.

It’d be interesting if we could see more clam-shell Windows Mobile phones in Europe and the US. At present we have just the Motorola MPx220, which isn’t sold by many networks yet.

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