Krome Spy goes on sale in Australia

Krome Spy goes on sale in Australia Ok, so you know by now that Windows Mobile Phones and Pocket PC’s are known as lots of different names around the world. Usually, a company called HTC in Taiwan make them, then they get badged by various networks and providers and sold on. Well, meet the Krome Spy, available now on the Australian Krome website, where you can also see some very familiar looking Windows Mobile Handsets that they also sell.

The Krome Spy is also known as the Orange SPV M500 (more on this later), the Vodafone VPA Compact, the iMate JAM, the XDA Mini, Dopod 828, etc etc.

If you’re in Australia and want to get on the Windows Mobile boat, this PocketPC-on-slimming-pills is available here.

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UPDATE – Shaun has emailed in to say, “Pretty much every major carrier here in Australia is selling the JAM/XDAII and the SP3i, so if anyone in Australia wants to get on the Windows Mobile boat can just go to any mobile provider and buy one or get it on a plan!”