Abidia Wireless for Smartphone 3.0.2: Discount 30% off!

Abidia Wireless for Smartphone 3.0.2: Discount 30% off!

Abidia Wireless for Smartphone 3.0.2 now has an amazing 30% off! For just £15.77 you too can become an eBay wizard!

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Abidia Wireless enhances the eBay and international eBay sites with effortless, anytime, anywhere, access via wireless handheld and mobile phone devices featuring customizable
real-time synchronization with an eBay auction account, wireless searching, cached browsing, wireless bidding, and the ability to effortlessly manage auction listings on-the-go,
anywhere you are, everywhere you need.

Abidia Wireless makes a convenient auction experience possible. Now its easy to carry item listings and visual images as well as buyer and seller lists in your pocket. Easy, on-
the-go supervision of real-time eBay auction status is a simple install away.

Easy Installation
* Determine your platform, and start the installer.
* Double-click the file and follow the instructions.
* Follow the instructions on your wireless device.

Main Benefits
* Monitoring item status is simple and always at hand.
* View real-time status of items your buying, selling and searching.
* Buyers: Add items to the watch list, bid, or compare prices.
* Buyers: Never miss out on an auction again by bidding anywhere.
* Sellers: It’s easy to see bids on items that are selling or sold.
* Sellers: Research similar items, compare prices, everywhere.

Appealing Features
* Completed Auction Searching
* Quick Start Wizards – Effortless configuration, start quickly
* On Device Registration – Register for eBay from your device
* Full screen and thumbnail images of auction items
* Auction Item Listings – You can read the item listings
* Simplified Folder Interface – ease of use and efficient access
* Easy to use, simple navigation from hardware buttons

International eBay Support
* eBay.com – eBay United States
* eBay.co.uk – eBay United Kingdom
* eBay.de – eBay Germany
* eBay.it – eBay Italy
* eBay.es – eBay Spain
* eBay.fr – eBay France
* eBay.ca – eBay Canada
* eBay.in – eBay India
* eBay.com.au – eBay Australia
* eBay.at – eBay Austria
* eBay.be – eBay Belgium
* eBay.nl – eBay Netherlands
* eBay.ch – eBay Switzerland