Vodafone VPA Compact to come to UK

Vodafone VPA Compact to come to UK Initially only available in Germany, the teeny-weeny HTC Magician is about to make an appearance in the UK as the Vodafone VPA Compact about September time.

Orange are launching their variant of this – the M500 – any day now, so it looks like Vodafone will be playing catch-up. This device, in any of its guises (it’s also known as the i-mate Jam and O2 XDA mini) is proving very successful because it’s small enough not to be laughed at when you’re making calls, but big enough to still be a fully-fledged Pocket PC handset.

Details we’ve received say that the handset will launch with Windows Mobile 2003 SE, a 1.3 Mega pixel cam and Bluetooth (alas no WiFi). The CPU is an Intel PXA272 running at 416Mhz with 64 Mb of ROM and RAM.