Wapipedia.org now online – cut-down version of Wikipedia

Wapipedia.org now online   cut down version of Wikipedia Wikipedia.org is a fantastic free on-line encyclopedia which you can access from anywhere. Gone are the days of paying a fortune for editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, now it’s all free and online.

But wait – have you tried accessing it on your Smartphone ? It’s a bit tricky – the layout is designed for a normal-size screen. How are you meant to sort out those drunken arguments down the pub about how football first started or who beer ? Perhaps you want to find out exactly what yesterdays’ Live 8 was for ? Well step forth wapipedia.org, which is a new cut-down slim-size version of the Wikipedia.org encyclopedia for your Smartphone.

I’ve added this to our links page and our smartphone-viewable page.

Check it out here.