Kids give all their money to Verisign..

Kids give all their money to Verisign.. According to several stories today, kids are spending more than £1bn a year on mobile phones and mobile services. Yes, read it and weep – £1,000,000,000,000 spent on phones and crappy-arse ringtones.

Jamster is one of the chief money-grabbers, who are owned by German company Verisign. Their crazy frog and other annoying characters is already responsible for robbing bucket-loads of cash from kids and turning them into thugs, thieves and vandals.

(Note – those last three claims could be untrue, and were probably made up by me.. just then.)

Not content with wasting childrens pocket-money (kids, go out and buy a football instead and learn how to play like Beckham, then go out and buy some flash cars and live in a mansion, that’s my advice), Jamster / Verisign have also killed the UK singles charts by putting some rubbish-arse-tit CD single featuring “that frog” doing some rubbish remixed ringtone dribble.

But wait – it doesn’t stop there folks.. Yes, give your kids another 40 quid to burn, because now Jamster want you to buy a Crazy Frog Playstation Game. For f***s sake – Verisign – why don’t you just mug kids eh ? Surely that’d be easier and direct?

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