Orange turns into a full ISP

Orange turns into a full ISP It seems that France Telecom, owner of Wanadoo and Orange, is going to change the old “Freeserve” name again.

Freeserve, which hit the headlines originally by offering an 0845 dial-up without any additional charges, was bought by France Telecom and the name then changed to Wanadoo. However, news today states that this broadband ISP is to have its name changed again – this time to …. Orange. Yes, it looks like Orange will become a mobile phone network AND a fully fledged ISP .. all-in-one!

This “simplified brand architecture” looks very promising, and increases the possibilty of Orange adding even more services to its Smartphones. It also comes after a recent statement promoting even closer relationships with Microsoft. France Telecom also said..

“Orange should become the Group’s international commercial brand for mobile, broadband and multiplay offerings, as well as for all Enterprise businesses.”

That wise man is wise!

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