Opera Smartphone Web Browser

Opera Smartphone Web Browser One thing gets me about Pocket Internet Explorer on the Smartphone. It doesn’t support frames. Even in Windows Mobile 5, it still doesn’t support frames. Why-oh-why-oh-why ?

But wait, Opera browser for the Smartphone has now entered the non-beta stage and you can download it here. Yes, Opera supports frames, yes – it’s a bit chunky (needing about 4Mb of free space), yes, it seems to take a while to load up, yes you have to pay for it after your free trial has expired, but HEY! if you want a good alternative to the in-built Internet Explorer then it’s definitely worth a download.

They’ve added menu entries for emptying cache and deleting cookies, a “Page info” function, made multiple rendering and stability improvements and bags of other things.

UPDATE – This DOES NOT work on the Orange SPV C500. No idea why, it just doesn’t. Ask Opera. Very strange. Given that the C500 is probably one of the most popular Windows Mobile phones, I’m very surprised they released it when it doesn’t work on the C500.

Download here.