Jeyo Mobile Extender Version 2

Jeyo Mobile Extender Version 2 The guys at are a little too modest in my opinion. They’ve released version 2 of the excellent Jeyo Mobile Extender for Outlook with bug fixes (remember these bugs we mentioned in our review of version 1.11 ?) and a free upgrade path for existing users.. but they never shouted it from the hilltops, so I’ll do the honours.

Jeyo Mobile Extender allows you to send, receive and organise text messages directly from your Outlook through your ActiveSync’d Smartphone. If you haven’t already done so, check out my spanky review of the earlier version here. Version 2.0 also offers a remote device manager, which allows for live interactive management of the messages on the device – you can copy them back and forth to outlook, delete messages on the device etc. also have version 2 of their excellent Jeyo Remote, which now supports Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile Smartphones. This allows you to use your phone to remotely operate any application on your PC. Jeyo Remote 2 comes with pre-defined remote commands that work with Windows Media etc, plus it can be easily extended to control any application.


Jeyo Mobile Extender 2 for Outlook

Jeyo Remote 2