Pocket Mini Golf 2 Expansion Pack

Pocket Mini Golf 2 Expansion Pack If you’ve gone out and bought the excellent Pocket Mini Golf 2 (more info on this game in our earlier story here), then you’ll no doubt be gagging for more. Step forth Fire Island – an excellent expansion pack for Pocket Mini Golf 2 and exclusively available in our shop.

For just £4.92 ($8.95 | €7.40) you can enjoy the heat of Fire Island. It features a brilliant 18 hole course with the Fire Cup and new features including Fire, Lava and Matchplay golf.

Other feature include..

– Fire Hazard (watch your ball go up in flames!)

– Lava (avoid at all costs)

– New Multiplayer Game Type – Matchplay
– More Secret Levels
– New Particle Effects (including falling ash and smoke)
– New Sound FX

– Online Leaderboard

Don’t forget that you need Pocket Mini Golf 2 before you can get this, but do check it out.