BT Livetime uses Windows Mobile Phones

BT Livetime uses Windows Mobile Phones BT are using Microsoft powered mobile phones for their BT UK Livetime trial. The trial, currently in London, allows users to get access to Sky news services, a music channel and 50 radio stations.

BBC News states..

“BT has drawn up its own designs because no phone maker produces handsets that can decode the digital radio signals used to carry TV pictures.”

“Testers will get BT Livetime either via a specially-created smartphone or a portable media centre. Triallists will either get a Windows smartphone or a Windows portable media player to watch the channels. Taiwanese hardware firm HTC will make the smartphone prototypes for the service.”

It looks like HTC are really advancing forward more than ever with their skills in the mobile phone arena. HTC already make highly successful handsets like the Orange SPV C500.

Livetime will be a data service broadcast on the digital radio spectrum owned and run by national DAB broadcaster Digital One. Livetime has taken over a popular channel, known as D1 Temp, that before now has been broadcasting birdsong. TV via Digital Radio? Yes, that’s what they’re doing.

Source – BBC News – Tip – Andy Mansfield