Orange SPV C550 – Reviewed!

Orange SPV C550   Reviewed! have managed to get their hands on the new Orange SPV C550 and have put a review online with hi-res pictures of the phone and screenshots of the software.

The review confirms that the handset will be on sale mid-July and also mentions that the C550 is seen as an addition to their range – not a replacement for the C500. The replacement for that will come in the form of the Orange SPV C600 later in the year.


CPU – ARM OMAP 750 200 MHz
Interfaces – Bluetooth, infrared, Mini USB
Network – GSM/GPRS/Tri-Band 900/1800/1900 MHz

Check out the review here, which is in German but definitely worth checking out. The handset reviewed on their site came with a 128Mb Mini-SD card, however we’re not sure if this’ll be the same for UK Orange SPV C550’s.. hopefully it will! 🙂

Source – (English translation here.)