HP HW6515 Pocket PC Phone

HP HW6515 Pocket PC Phone Alexander from MySmartphone.no has this article on the new HP HW6515, which looks a tad like the BenQ P50. While I can’t understand much of the article, it does have lots of pretty pictures in hi-resolution.

The HP HW6515 comes with…

– Integrated GPS, bundled with TomTom 5

– Windows mobile pocket PC 2003 SE

– Memory slots for SD and miniSD

– SD slot has SDIO support enabling a Wi-fi card in the SD and memory in the MiniSD

– Weird 240 x 240 screen resolution

– 1.3 Megapixel camera with flashlight
– Integrated QWERTY keyboard
– Quad band

More specs here.

Full story and source – MySmartphone.no