Wow! You can now log in and STAY logged in!

Wow! You can now log in and STAY logged in! Cookies! Yeah! They’re great! The chocolate-chip ones are my favourite, but alas we’re not talking about the lovely cookies you get from the local Morrisons, oh no. We’re talking about those web-cookies that store little tit-bits of information, such as your login to CoolSmartPhone!

Yes, finally – after a LOT of procrastinating, we’ve now grabbed top code-tweaking dude Torben Gallob and stuffed a bundle of money into his hand. He’s been beavering away at our bizarre “botched to hell” PHP code and trying to decypher my “that’ll do” module tweaks. The end result it a magic little check-box which reads “stay logged in”. So, if you’re on a computer that you use often then you can browse back to any time and you won’t need to log in all over again! Ohh the bliss baby! You can just open up the site and download straight away!

Oooh!!! Can you feel that!? Can you !? Ooo??? Can you feel that goodness?! You know you love it! Raar!!