I’m bigger than you are, suck my fat lollipop

Im bigger than you are, suck my fat lollipop Crazy Frog is number 1 again, the goverment want to charge us for every mile we drive or something and now apparently there’s a recession on. Still, don’t worry – you’ve always got that box in the corner of your room to access CoolSmartPhone.com! 🙂

Plus, the best bit is yet to come – we’re about to get even better !!! Oh yes me old cock-er-ney-blighters! In our mission to trounce “the devil that is Nokia” (thanks Jacek mate) we’re adding even more wonderous goodies for you. Oh yes, I’ll bet even Russell Crowe is now logging in after chucking his Nokia out the window in rage… “Hey mate, I betcha I shouldaa got me one-a-dose ruddy Smaaaaaaaartphones y’know!”

Oh yes!

So what is coming soon?! Well, not too much actually – I just wanted to build a whole load of hype before I announce it 😉

Firstly – my crazy mental blog thing now has it’s own domain – just click onto…


..at present it’s nothing more than a re-direct which I just knocked up 5 minutes ago, however it’ll build – don’t you worry young Skywalker (what the frig am I talking about now?!)

Secondly – that blinkin’ login system is being sorted out as we speak, and very soon you’ll all be able to put the daily login-process to the back of your mind as we introduce new spangly cookie-logins, which basically means that your browser will remember your details….instead of you..

SEE?!?!?!? AMAZING EH!??!

THAT’S the sort of fantastic extra stuff you get here at CoolSmartPhone.com – that’s why we’re bigger than any other site in the world ever… full stop..


Here’s some funny comics I found .. we all speak like this in Britain, honest old chap… Pip pip.. 😉

Im bigger than you are, suck my fat lollipop

Im bigger than you are, suck my fat lollipop