Goodbye Voq, we didn’t really know you..

Goodbye Voq, we didnt really know you.. Oh dear, the Sierra Wireless Voq is dead. The company announced the news today and we could almost see it coming if we’re brutally honest. The handset was big and looked a bit like a prop from Star Trek. Aside from the design of it, Sierra Wireless made matters worse for themselves by not putting a digital camera or Bluetooth into the mix. Although they stated that the lack of camera was due to security within companies (some don’t like camera-phones), the lack of bluetooth was crippling and stuffed the connectivity of the phone.

David Sutcliffe, President and CEO of Sierra Wireless said about the move…..

“We have enjoyed limited success to date on the Voq Professional Phone and have concluded that continuing to proceed with Voq is no longer the best use of our resources….”

“We will now seek the most effective exit, whether by diversiture or by termination of the initiative.”

The Voq was an attempt at doing something good, and we don’t want to trash anyone attempting to make a handset with Windows Mobile powering it, but this was about 5 years past its sell-by date when it was announced. 🙁

Have a read of Gizmodo thought of it..