Skweezer – A new version and a chance to win!

Skweezer   A new version and a chance to win! We’ve mentioned the excellent Skweezer before but now there’s an updated version available. For those that aren’t aware, Skweezer is a great way to lower your GPRS bills by cramming down regular websites into a perfect small-screen version. The new update includes some significant changes such as:

1) Parsing engine update: Major work on compression algorithms, with Skweezed pages often reduced an additional 20% – 40% in file size, resulting in faster download speeds and lower data service charges (good for your GPRS)

2) New UI: No more Skweezer Toolbar or “View Modes” (View Modes have been replaced by an “images on/off” feature) and the UI has been redesigned to make it smaller and faster to load

3) New Directory feature: This replaces Skweezer’s “Featured Links” section and includes over 175 mobile-ready links in 5 languages

4) Page formatting update: Skweezer has altered the way it reformats and organizes content when it encounters certain HTML tags (such as

tags) so content is more clearly displayed than ever before.

5) Double-byte character fix: Problems with displaying pages and posting forms with double-byte characters have been resolved

After having a chat with Monica at Greenlight Wireless, who built Skweezer, they’re letting us give away 2 of the new Skweezer Pro accounts ! To win, all you need to do is make sure you’re signed up for the CoolSmartPhone Newsletter and I’ll be choosing two people at random to win !

Try Skweezer out now – just plonk into your phones’ address bar.