Orange SPV C550 – Pictures and details

Orange SPV C550   Pictures and details Well ok, it’s not strictly a C550, it’s a QTek 8200 – however the handset is the same. Alexander from has the scoop with pictures and details galore. These shots finally put to rest some of the Orange SPV C550 rumours..

1) No WiFi or EDGE

2) No Flash

3) Yes, Windows Media Player 10

Yes – WMP10. This will mean that people buying this handset can use MP3’s as ringtones and hopefully they’ll be able to store them on their data (MiniSD) card too. With the release of the Orange SPV C550 still a few weeks off, you can at least peruse these hi-res pictures of the phone along with screen-shots. The C550 is a mixture of the Orange SPV C500’s shape, style and colour plus the T-Mobile SDA Music’s size. They’ve even decided to put some flappy rubber bung thing on the bottom so you have to open it up before charging or sync’ing.

Orange SPV C550   Pictures and details

I asked Alexander if he could take a couple of photos with the phone on its’ highest setting. It must be stressed here that Alexander has an early sample handset with an unfinished version of the operating system (tweaks are always made to suit the phone). For an example of the camera quality click here and here. I also asked Alexander how games worked – as the current games will effectively be in a lower resolution to the screen. Effectively, when you play a game written specifically for 176 x 220 you get a black border around the application. This is because the C550 has a resolution of 240 x 320. This may make it harder to play games, however the OS and all the standard applications work fine. So is it completely 100% backwardly compatible ? Well yes, but the screen-size won’t stretch in certain games – it’ll stay the same and you’ll get a “letterbox” style screen.

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