Orange gossip..

Orange gossip.. Apparently the HTC Universal will be out on Orange later this year – late Autumn time probably. The “3G SPV” or C600 will be it’s name.

Also the M500 shown right should be out for business customers some time soon – possibly at the end of this week.

This pretty much ties in with the information we were given in April. The only thing that has changed so far is the release date for the C550. This information was given to us by an anonymous tipster, and so far we can check what’s happenend…..

– C550 will be launched in May
This has slipped a bit, but we did see it “in the flesh” in May first.

– Orange will roll-out EDGE across the full UK network by end of 2006

This was announced here just a few days ago.

– Current GPRS PC-Cards cannot be upgrade to support EDGE

I should think this is true enough.

– C550 has Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Yup, it has !

– Updates to M2000 will allow stylus-less operation

We’re yet to see this…

– An update (not sure to Exchange 2003/Windows Mobile or both) will allow better Always-up-to-date (AUTD) Exchange notification / synchronisation (i.e. Blackberry killer)

Yes – This occured yesterday here!

– Windows Mobile 2005 will be launched at Windows Mobile developer conference in May in the US.
Yes! This was announced by Bill Gates himself.

– Orange will launch C600 (bigger screen, possibly no camera) in June

Not sure about this – I think maybe this is the Universal and the date has changed.

– C600 will only be available to Orange enterprise customers (business contracts > 50 employees)

Remains to be seen.

– C600 will have Windows Mobile 2005

Hopefully yes.

– C500/C550 may or may not be upgradeable to WM2005


– M500 will be available in May
Yes! Hopefully any day now!

– M500 has a beautiful screen
I’m sure it does! 🙂