What do you want to see at CoolSmartPhone.com ?

What do you want to see at CoolSmartPhone.com ? I’m always striving to make CoolSmartPhone bigger and better, but I need your help. My immediate plans for this site at present involve a cookie login system, which will allow you to log in without having to type in your damned details each time. However.. There’s two solutions to this..

The first is to enable cookie login capability through some clever PHP doobery stuff, whilst the second option is to include a forum to take over the login process. This second option is a little controversial, as we’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the huge MoDaCo.com for quite a long time. I still want to maintain this, but I miss the feedback from you guys and I’d love to keep everything in-house.

So, while the Smartphone news-drums are a tad quiet, I’d ask that you please email me your thoughts on this subject. What would you like to see here ? Our own independent forum with cookie logins ? Or just cookie logins? Are you happy with the current setup? Want to see something else? Let me know – click here to tell me your opinion!

UPDATE – The response so far seems to be “leave it the way it is man, it’s cool!!”