UPDATE – TomTom Mobile 5 is here !

UPDATE   TomTom Mobile 5 is here ! At last, the news you’ve been waiting for, the new TomTom Mobile 5 is now available to buy as a complete package here!

You may remember our review of the earlier version, in which we praised this GPS navigation solution. The new version 5 brings us better battery management, updated maps, contact integration and a load more ! Don’t forget that you can already upgrade if you’ve purchased TomTom Mobile previously.

The TomTom Mobile 5 GPS unit and software costs €249 (about £171.49) and is available here at TomTom.com, from these retail outlets or these online retailers. Version 5 comes with a new slimmed-down GPS unit which needs less power, plus you can now get the software on MiniSD too.

More info – TomTom.com

UPDATE – You can now click here to go directly to their “buy” page and grab this! You can also see the compatibility list and more features below…

UPDATE! – The price seems to have gone up to €299 (about £206.17). We’re not sure why, unless it was a typo. However, it’s still great value for money. TomTom Mobile 5 is compatible with..

– Imate SP3 
– Motorola MPX 220 (Only in Benelux, UK, Aus,Swiss) 
– Nokia 6260 , 6600 , 6630 , 6670 , 7610 , 7710 , 9300 , 9500 
– Orange SPV C500 , SPV E200 
– Qtek 8010 , 8020 , 8060 , 8080 
– T-Mobile SDA 

There’s also this new slimline GPS receiver which talks to your phone via Bluetooth… plus…

– Integrated phone call handling; on-screen instructions remain visible while receiving calls.

– Complete navigation system for your smartphone for use in car, when you are on foot or by bike.

– Easy door-to-door navigation, including street numbers.

– Effortless installation; insert Memory card and navigate.

– Intuitive interface.