That bloody frog! (Part II – by Martin)

That bloody frog! (Part II   by Martin)

That annoying thing, commonly known as the crazy frog.  That sound was on a website, long before som muppet decided it sounded like a crazy frog, and a very lucrative frog too.  If anyone is prepared to pay up to £4 for a 3gp video of this it is them who is surely crazy, especially after it became widely available on the intenet as a 3gp download soon after it appeared on every commercial break in the country.

It is about time these so called mobile clubs took a long hard look at what they have on offer, two primates passing wind, two birds singing on a washing line, but the saddest thing is the people who pay to own them, as if they are individual when 75% of mobile phones have some reference to a crazy frog.

I dont mean to be boring and i understand it is only a bit of entertainment but just adding the frog to the Beverly Hills Cop theme tune is, well a bit rubbish.  I just think the Frog has had his time in the sun and shoul by now be well and truly sunburnt, and quickly replaced by something fresh and original like this little frog once was.

Martin Gallagher

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One thing left to say, badingdingdingdingding bar breembreemaaaweeee.