Samsung i300 news. Ooo! A laydee!!!

Samsung i300 news. Ooo! A laydee!!! Jason over at Smartphonethoughts seems to have his priorities mixed up. 😉 In this story about the Samsung i300 phone he’s included some publicity shots of this lovely lady holding the phone while bent over a table (leave it, leave it!) The camera-guy has obviously noted her top, and asked her to pose accordingly.

Jason however says…

“After contacting a Samsung PR rep I was sent a press release and some photos (though I wish the photographer focused more on the phone and less on the model)”

You want MORE focus on the phone and LESS on the model? Are you MAD MAN?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

Anyhoo – they reckon this device will show it’s face over here (Europe) before the Americas.