Videos that aren’t acceptable

Videos that arent acceptable I’ve been watching the Tonight show on ITV1 tonight. The show, plus news reports today, have launched an invesigation into “happy slapping” – this is an alarming new teenage craze which involves using a mobile phone to film violent attacks on innocent people.

I am sad to admit that I have already been sent several videos like this, intended for inclusion on These 3GP / MPG movies were contributed by several people. Some involved people being attacked on buses, others involved people being mugged at ATM’s in the high street.

The programme blames TV shows like Dirty Sanchez and Jackass for glorifying violence and pain. These videos, recorded on various mobile phones, feature “slapping”, mugging, attacks and worse.

None of these videos have been included in CoolSmartPhone, and if I’m sent any more I’ll be deleting them instantly or sending them on to the appropriate authorities. This is not in any way funny or entertaining and I don’t want to see this sh*te distributed.

For more info on the Tonight programme, click here. Related BBC News item here.